Ten Foot Box

January 19, 2007

Some unknow rider in Smithers B.C launches off of a ten foot box it is one of the coolest things I have seen all year.


Waves in Hawaii

January 17, 2007

Well some of you may know Hawaii and Alaska are at Tsnami warning right now and it scares me because I was just there!  The biggest wave I saw when I was down there was this big.  The thing that really scares me was that the resort I was staying at (Turtle Bay Restort) was right on the beach right beside the ocean!

Ya getting Warmer

January 17, 2007

It is getting warmer and I think I am going to get to go skiing this weekend because it’s so warm so I will have some nice updates for you guys very soon.  I will be updating the blog a few times today just to keep the flow of articles coming.

Bur Cold

January 12, 2007

Well I am sad to say I can’t go up skiing or snowboarding this week because it is soooooo… cold it is 20 below and dropping.  Tonight it’s supposed to be -40!   I will still update my site everyday but not with stuff that I did because I can’t go up the hill.

Surf and Sea (Hawaii)

January 10, 2007

I recently went to Hawaii to try surfing for the very first time and it was great! It wasn’t that hard because I am already pretty good at snowboarding I did fall a lot and get hurt a lot but it was all good but straight to the point.

I found the greatest store ever called Surf and Sea I could get anything there for very cheap I got 7 T-Shirts worth $200+ were I live for just $130 and they were great anywhere from Volcom to Billabong to Element it was all there for $17 a t-shirt and my little brother picked up a pretty nice hoodie for under $50.

Check the site out they don’t have much for sale on the site but it has the location of the store. http://www.surfnsea.com

Locals Rock

January 9, 2007

Go locals Go yea that’s right the locals here rock at everything to do with snow from snow angels to Snow Boarding and I got some shots for you guys to see of some locals.

Leo Hoorne: Age 15  (Sponsored by Circa for Sk8boarding)

Brian Fokkens

Heres our new roller coaster box!

Brock Armstrong

Want more?  Leave a comment and I will put more up.

Hey That’s My Hill

January 9, 2007

This is some screens of my hill and some sponsored skiers came through town lately so I thought I would show you some stuff.  This is Rayz freestyle park getting the crap Ski-id out of it.

Ninthward team rider Pierrot Bernier has joined us for the Christmas Holiday.  Heres a video of some boarders and this is me showing you that my freestyle park rules.   The Video.

Pierrot Bernier:


Damn! School

January 9, 2007

Yea, yea school started back up and I wont be updating too much maybe once a day or two if lucky because I am pretty busy.  School also means less Snowboarding and Skiing for me and alot of you but I still have weekends.  I skipped skiing on  Sunday because my leg really hurt from Saterday and I think it was a good thing it was so windy they had to shut the hill down and stop the chairs on the chairlift from hitting eachother so we just went swimming with my friends.

Well I am going skiing this weekend and maybe it will get better with the wheather and all I have some screens for you guys coming shortly.

8 Hours of Snow Boarding

January 7, 2007

Here is the 8 hours of Snow Boarding I did today.  Well I went up skiing in Smithers B.C and it was awesome the day before it snowed 5 inches of snow so it was powderlicious (A word I made)  right in the morning it wasn’t so good because there was too much powder and we got frustrated as we go out of bounds to hit a 4 foot jump and we kept getting stuck.

The afternoon was great it was sunny out the runs have been skid and it was warm enough to wear a T-Shirt,  well at least untill I flew as fast as I could off of a 6 foot jump into a bowl of powder it was so soft though I could barely feel it.

That’s why I havent updated, oh and because my knee is killing me.

Clothing of the week #1

January 5, 2007


This shirt looks great in white and black personnaly I bought it in black because it makes more sensce and the feel of the shirt is perfect it is %100 cotton!

Image: Click Here


Who said Billabong is only a summer/surfing company? This is a great looking Skii-Doo vest and for only $64 you can’t go wrong well I guess you could but most Billabong clothing costs alot more.

Image: Click Here

You can buy these HERE