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Surf and Sea (Hawaii)

January 10, 2007

I recently went to Hawaii to try surfing for the very first time and it was great! It wasn’t that hard because I am already pretty good at snowboarding I did fall a lot and get hurt a lot but it was all good but straight to the point.

I found the greatest store ever called Surf and Sea I could get anything there for very cheap I got 7 T-Shirts worth $200+ were I live for just $130 and they were great anywhere from Volcom to Billabong to Element it was all there for $17 a t-shirt and my little brother picked up a pretty nice hoodie for under $50.

Check the site out they don’t have much for sale on the site but it has the location of the store.


Clothing of the week #1

January 5, 2007


This shirt looks great in white and black personnaly I bought it in black because it makes more sensce and the feel of the shirt is perfect it is %100 cotton!

Image: Click Here


Who said Billabong is only a summer/surfing company? This is a great looking Skii-Doo vest and for only $64 you can’t go wrong well I guess you could but most Billabong clothing costs alot more.

Image: Click Here

You can buy these HERE