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Damn! School

January 9, 2007

Yea, yea school started back up and I wont be updating too much maybe once a day or two if lucky because I am pretty busy.  School also means less Snowboarding and Skiing for me and alot of you but I still have weekends.  I skipped skiing on  Sunday because my leg really hurt from Saterday and I think it was a good thing it was so windy they had to shut the hill down and stop the chairs on the chairlift from hitting eachother so we just went swimming with my friends.

Well I am going skiing this weekend and maybe it will get better with the wheather and all I have some screens for you guys coming shortly.


Cocaine Drink How Dumb.

January 5, 2007

Well I went to the local skate shop in my town here known as “Rayz Board Shop” ( and when I got there I looked in the fridge to see what they were selling and the bottle said “Cocaine” so of course I bought some and tasted it and guess what it was? Pure water just like any other water but it cost more and it had a smaller bottle. Ugg it’s sickening 😛

Welcome to the boarders blog!

January 4, 2007

Hello I decided I wanted to start up my own blog and there is no better way to start a blog than have it being about what you love the most! I decided to make it about all different kinds of boarding; Sk8, Snow and Surf boarding and I will also include stuff about the pros and the latest and greatest clothing.

So let’s kick off the new Boarders blog and have a great time if you have suggestions for a different  category or just a suggestion about the blog shoot me an e-Mail at and I will reply within 24 hours.