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Snow wrecking your fun?

January 4, 2007

Has anyone stopped Sk8ing because of the snow? Well I have a couple suggestions for everyone some may be better than others depending on how your city is and what wheather you have in that city.

Well of course if you live in Hawaii you won’t get snow so you can sk8 all the time but what if it does snow were you live? Here’s some tips.

Clear out a spot in your shop and practice your ollies or grinds.

Go to a local sk8 shop and ask them if you can sk8 there half pipe (if they have one)

Wait untill your parent’s leave the house and sk8 inside.

Those are some tips I have for you guys to keep you Sk8ing to a maximum during the winter, and if all that fails get a snow board it’s the same thing except you go faster.