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Ten Foot Box

January 19, 2007

Some unknow rider in Smithers B.C launches off of a ten foot box it is one of the coolest things I have seen all year.


Bur Cold

January 12, 2007

Well I am sad to say I can’t go up skiing or snowboarding this week because it is soooooo… cold it is 20 below and dropping.  Tonight it’s supposed to be -40!   I will still update my site everyday but not with stuff that I did because I can’t go up the hill.

Locals Rock

January 9, 2007

Go locals Go yea that’s right the locals here rock at everything to do with snow from snow angels to Snow Boarding and I got some shots for you guys to see of some locals.

Leo Hoorne: Age 15  (Sponsored by Circa for Sk8boarding)

Brian Fokkens

Heres our new roller coaster box!

Brock Armstrong

Want more?  Leave a comment and I will put more up.

8 Hours of Snow Boarding

January 7, 2007

Here is the 8 hours of Snow Boarding I did today.  Well I went up skiing in Smithers B.C and it was awesome the day before it snowed 5 inches of snow so it was powderlicious (A word I made)  right in the morning it wasn’t so good because there was too much powder and we got frustrated as we go out of bounds to hit a 4 foot jump and we kept getting stuck.

The afternoon was great it was sunny out the runs have been skid and it was warm enough to wear a T-Shirt,  well at least untill I flew as fast as I could off of a 6 foot jump into a bowl of powder it was so soft though I could barely feel it.

That’s why I havent updated, oh and because my knee is killing me.

New Record for Height! Video

January 4, 2007

This is the Paul Mitchel Progresion Session Quarterpipe Contest in Breckenridge Colorado – it has many pros in it but theres only need to watch Mitchel as he breaks the record for reaching this highest height while doing a McTwist.

Heres the video.